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Product Index

PA86 Deluxe Aeration System
PA66 Deluxe Aeration System
PA65 Deluxe Aeration System
PA 34 Aeration System
DA342 Deluxe Aeration System
Economy Linear Aeration Kit
Regenerative Blowers
Deluxe Linear Aeration Kit
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Bait Shop Aeration System 

Air Pumps

High Volume Linear Diaphragm Compressors- HP20 
12 Volt Diaphragm Compressor -DC20
Big Bubbles Air Pump- MM09
Oil-Less Diaphragm Compressor-AC12 
BA Aeration Systems-BA1 -Single
Rotary Vane Compressors -RC33
Piston Air Compressor - PC34
Rocking Piston Compressor -AP74 
L28 ~Linear Piston Compressor -L28 
Regenerative Blowers-G11 

Bait Fish Feeders

Low Profile, Directional Fish Feeder~Stren AquaPro - ADF75 
Hanging Directional Feeder ~Stren AquaPro - HDF25
Fat Cat Directional Feeder -FCAF100
Belt Feeder - ABFS12 - 12 hr belt feeder
Fish Sitter Feeder - FS-002
FishMate Feeder - FM-01

Bait Fish Food


Bait Fish chemicals

Sure Haul-110PA-41-5gallions
Sani-T-10 - 110-S-10 - gallion
Dimilin - 110-DM-111- 5lbs
Rotonone - 110RT01- 5gal
Ultimate - UL500 - 55 gallion drum
ClorAm-X CX003- 55 lbs
EasyTreat Parasite - CC132 - 9 ounce
EasyTreat Bacterial - CC131 - 9 ounces
EasyTreat Ick - CC133 - 9 ounce
EEasyTreat Fungus - CC130 - 8 oz
EasyTreat ParaSalt - CC159 - 10 pounds
Better Bait - 110BB2 - 10 pounds
Finer Shiner 110BB5 10 pounds
Fungus Aid -110-BB-20 - 3 pounds
TTranquil -110BB30 - 8 ounces 


book - Advanced Koi Care -B-11
book - Aquaculture Desk Reference - B-09
Book - Channel Catfish Farming Handbook..-B-03
Book - Fish Hatchery Management - B-02
Book - Fundimentals of Aquaculture - B-01
Book - Plankton Culture Manual~ - B-04
Book - The Pond Doctor - B-05
book - Wetland Design - B-10
Book- Water Weeds and Algae - B-06


Garlon 3A
Clipper - 5 pounds
Cutrine Plus~110CP02
Cutrine Plus Granular~110-CG-03
Cutrine Ultra~110CU04
GreenClean~GreenClean GC01
Aquathol K~AquatholK-110AK10
Aquathol Super K~Aquathol Super K - 110AK11 
Renovate ~Renovate - 110RAH10
Navigate~Navigate - 110-NA-02
Komeen~Komeen 110KO01
Reward~Reward - 2.5 gal
Sonar~Sonar AS 8oz-110SRR000
Mystic Blue~Mystic Blue 110MB001


Drop-In Titanium Coil Chiller-CH1
AquaLogic Flow-Through Chiller-LD2
Delta Star Chillers- E2 - opt.A
Delta Star Heat Pumps - SHP4


Aero-Tube Aeration Hose
Ultra Fine Bubble Ceramic Plate Diffusers
Wedge-Lock Diffusers
Membrane Diffuser - EDI-01
Bio-Weave diffuser hose
Tubular Diffuser - EDI-2
Generation 2 Diffusers
Rubber Membrane Air Diffusers 


Commercial Bead Filters
Skid Mounted Filtration Systems
Aqua-UltraViolet SL Series
Ultima Filters
Marlin Sand Filter
Tarpon Sand Filter
RTL Dynamic Filters
Statuary UV
Viper UV Filter
Biological Filter Media
Small Pump/Filter Combo
Small Pond Filter 

Fish Hatchery Supplies

Fry Tanks~Fry Tanks - FF03


Airmax EcoSeries 1/2 HP Fountain
Aqua-Series Floating Fountains
Otterbine Fractional Fountains
Olympus Series Fountians


Octi-Power Heater System - MM620
Submersible Heater  - MM10
Tank Heaters- QMM10 
Buoy Suspended Heaters~-QB10
Quick Plug Portable Heaters - QB5
Easy Plug Heaters - EP10

Miscellaneous Supplies

Commercial Parka~Commercial Parka -ENV02
Commercial Bib~Commercial Bib -ENV03
Neoprene Wader~Neoprene Wader - ENV-01
Book - Plankton Culture Manual~Plankton Culture Manual - B-04
Book - The Pond Doctor.~The Pond Doctor - B-05
Book- Water Weeds and Algae~Water Weeds and Algae - B-06
Book-Crustacean Farming~Crustacean Farming - B-07
book - Aquaculture Desk Reference~Aquaculture Desk Reference - B-09
book - Wetland Design~Wetland Design - B-10
book - Advanced Koi Care~Advanced Koi Care -B-11
Book - Channel Catfish Farming Handbook.~Channel Catfish Farming Handbook.-B-03
Book - Fundimentals of Aquaculture~Fundimentals of Aquaculture - B-01
Book - Fish Hatchery Management~Fish Hatchery Management - B-02 


Bait Dealer Nets~Bait Dealer Nets - 2607SG
Super Scoop~Super Scoop-NT20
Metal Handle Nets~Metal Handle Nets - NT01
Monorail Nets~Monorail Nets - AN33M

Power House

Power House Aerators~1025025 
Power House Dual Prop~PH-10-752-50
Dual Prop with Lights~Dual Prop with Lights


Dolphin Pumps
Diamond Aqua Sea Pump
TB Series High Head Pump
TM Series Low Head Pump
Pump Sea Horse
Pump Sea Flow
Pump Artesian Pumps, Low RPM
Pump Artesian Pumps, High RPM
Pump Cascade Pumps
Pump 12 volt Submersible
pump WellSpring Submersible Pump
Sparus Pump
Verus Pumps


Fish Farm Regulator~Fish Farm Regulator - OR-01
Super Regulator~Super Regulator - OR-02
The Harris~The Harris - OR-03
Flow Meters~Flow Meters - FM01


Scale - Top Loading Dial Scale~Top Loading Dial Scale -T20
Scale - Cardinal Digital Scale~Cardinal Digital Scale - HSDC2
scale - BWScale~BWScale - BW30
scale - Heavy Duty Dial Scale~Heavy Duty Dial Scale - 11S200H
scale - Econ Gram Scale~Econ Gram Scale - EC211
scale - SVI Bench Scale~SVI Bench Scale - SVI20B
Caston IV Crane Scale-Legal for Trade~Caston IV Crane Scale - 05THC


E-Z Read Pond Thermometer  -R4400
Pond Theremometer  - R440015
Hatchery In-Line Thermometers - WW65
Little Temp 
Big Temp Alert- R270779
Pocket Thermometers- TH01 Plastic Case 

Water Test Kits

LaMotte Individual Test Kits
LaMotte Combination Test Kit 
La Motte Compact Colorimeter

YSI Meters

EcoSense DO200A
YSI pH/Temp Pen
YSI ORP/Temp Pen
YSI Pro20 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
YSI ODO-Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter
YSI Professional Plus Multiparameter Meter
YSI ODO 200 Oxygen Meter
YSI Pro 2030
YSI Pro 1020
YSI Pro1030
YSI Pro30
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