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Bait Fish Feeders

stren-1.jpg Low Profile, Directional Fish Feeder
Stren AquaPro - ADF75
The Stren AquaPro feeder features a patented air drive mechanism which disperses feed in one direction, allowing this feeder to be set on a dock or the shore. * Made from heavy gauge galvanized steel with green powder coated finish. * 12 volt digital timer feeds up to eight times per day ( 1 to 90 second duration) * All seams are double sealed to keep moisture away from feed. * Feeds 1/8 to 1/2 floating fish pellets or corn. * Price includes solar panel, foot pad mounting kit and 12 volt battery and battery charger * Four year warranty
Part #  Feed Cap. Corn Cap. Hopper Size Wt  Price
ADF75  75 lbs  150 lbs  18" x 20" x 30" 83 lbs  515.00 

belt.jpg Belt Feeders

These belt feeders are great for aquaculture. They slowly dispense feed, medication and chemicals over a 12 or 24 hour time period. If shorter intervals are needed you can space feed on belt or only pull the belt back part of the way. These feeders will reduce labor cost over a period of time. No electricity is needed for these weatherproof feeders. These feeders operate by a spring wound clock mechanism. These clocks are weather resistant and feature a stainless steel spring. The baby belt feeder holds 5 pounds while the large feeder holds 10 pounds.

· Belt Feeder - ABFS12 - 12 hr belt feeder
· Belt Feeder - ABFS12A - 12 hr baby belt feeder
· Belt Feeder - ABFS12RC - 12 hr replacement clock
· Belt Feeder - ABFS24A - 24 hr baby belt feeder
· Belt Feeder - ABFS24 - 24 hr belt feeder
fishsitter.jpg Fish Sitter Feeder
Fish Sitter Feeder - FS-002
This feeder is UL listed and can feed up to 4 times per day. It can feed for four months if feeding only once per day. The feeder uses 2.7 watts of electricity and has a hopper that holds 38 grams of feed. The feeder is suited for saltwater use and comes with a 5.5 ft power cord.
fishmate.jpg FishMate Feeder
FishMate Feeder - FM-01
This feeder is ideal for small koi ponds. It will feed 1 to 4 times per day. It will hold up to 2 cups of pellet or flake food. The feed amounts can be adjusted. The feeder runs on 1 AA battery.