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airmaxfountians-200.jpg Airmax EcoSeries 1/2 HP Fountain
    Airmax EcoSeries 1/2 HP Fountain

    The EcoSeries Floating Fountain brings you the sound of water with the
    beautiful industry leading spray patterns that out match other 3/4 and 1
    HP units. The EcoSeries fountain operates in as low as 34" of water. The
    fountain has a 1/2 HP energy efficient motor 3 spray patterns and 100
    foot cord with control panel.

    Complete Fountain includes:
    1/2 HP motor
    Power cord with strain relief
    Quick disconnect
    Stainless steel wrapped motor lead
    Control Panel with photocell
    3 nozzels: Classic, Trumpet and Crown&Trumpet

    EcoSeries Specs:
    Additional spray patterns available
    Energy efficient, fully sealed motor,6A, 690W@120V
    Asynchronous motor, silicon carbide shaft bearing and ceramic shaft
    Stainless Steel suction screen, body and motor lead
    Standard 100 foot cords but cord lengths of 150 and 200 available
    3 year warranty

    Included Pattern Dimensions
    Crown and Trumpet     8'H x 32'W
    Trumpet                     14'H x 7'W
    Classic                        6'H x 16'W

· EF1000 - Fountain with 100 foot cord
· EF1150 - Fountain with 150 foot cord
· EF1200 - Fountain with 200 foot cord
· EL1000 - 4 LED light kit with 100 foot cord
· EL1150 - 4 LED light kit with 150 foot cord
· EL1200 - 4 LED light kit with 200 foot cord
aqua-series.jpg Aqua-Series Floating Fountains
The Aqua-Series of fountains are designed for small backyard ponds. The Aqua-Series are energy efficent and available in 1/4hp and 1/2 hp units. Each unit offers two spray patterns. Each unit can be easily changed from the AquaGem to the AquaBlast patterns. The Aqua-Series comes with motor, float, power cable and timer/GFI. The Aqua-Series will operate in 14” of water. The units are designed to operate in freezing conditions also. These units also have a light kit available for them for night time veiwing. The 1/4hp units come with 50’ of power cable and the 1/2hp units come with 100 ‘ of power cable.
· AS-AS1 1/4 hp 3.0 amp
· AS-AS2 1/2hp 5.5 amps
· AS-0026 2-Light Kit
· AS-0027 3-Light Kit
· AS-0028 Replace/Bulb
· AS-0029 Colored/Bulb
outterbine.jpg Otterbine Fractional Fountains
The Otterbine Fractional Series are perfect for residential ponds, golf courses, and apartment complexes. Each fountain comes with the three spray patterns shown above. Nozzles can be easily changed without removing fountain from the pond. This allows you to change your fountain’s apperance often for new looks. These impressive units are manufactured entirely of stainless steel and thermal plastics. Each unit in the fractional series comes standard with 100’ of power cable, stainless steel debris screen and mini power center. The power center includes ground fault interrupter and 24 hour on/off timer. Otterbine is the only fountain manufacturer to have each fountain electrically safety tested and approved as a package by ETL and ETLc. The floats are protected by a thermoplastic polyethylene shell. The fountains are powered by Franklin, water cooled, super stainless steel motors for years of reliable service. Each unit comes with 3 spray patterns, you just change the nozzles. These fountains are also available with a light kit and have a two year warranty.
Part #  Description  Volt/Amp  Ship/Wt  Price 
F50  1/2 hp  115/12.0  51  1650.94
F60  1/2 hp  230/6.0  51  2086.87
F70  3/4 hp  230/6.0  59  2239.31
Description  Spray Height Spray Diameter
1/2HP, Starburst 2.5'  12'
1/2HP, Phoenix 8'  12' 
1/2HP, Rocket 12'  2' 
3/4HP, Starburst 3'  19' 
3/4HP, Phoenix 9'  16' 
3/4HP, Rocket 13'  2' 

Each unit comes with 3 spray patterns, you just change the nozzles.

· Otterbine Fractional Fountain F50
· Otterbine Fractional Fountain F60
· Otterbine Fractional Fountain F70
olympus-fount-v.jpg Olympus Series Fountians
 Call for pricing and more information
Only one class of fountainis strong enough by definition, provides maximum efficiency, supplies ease of installation and is so diverse in beauty to be named after the Greek gods. In our continuing effort to be " green", the Olympus Series Fountains operate on only 10 amps and are made of the same quality materials as our other products. The units come completely assembled making installation easy. Each fountain includes power cord, black float, and a prewired control panel consisting of an overload relay, a 115 volt timer for lighting accents and a 230 volt timer for the unit itself. Just a few wires need to be connected from the fountain to the control panel. Each fountain comes comes with the customer's choice of one of seven different nozzle patterns. Additional nozzles may be purchased and are easily installed with just the turn of four thumb screws. Each fountain comes with 150 ft of 10/3 gauge cord. Additional lengths are available call for pricing and to place your order.
Aphrodite produces a 10' v-shaped pattern 12'high x 12' diameter
Apollo produces a 5' v-shaped pattern 12' high x 7' diameter
Artemis produces a quartet of inverted triangles 9' high x 26' diameter
Athena produces a straight plume of water 10' high and a second tier 34' in diameter
Hermes produces a 10" trumpet shaped veil of water 12' by 10' in diametr
Poseiden produces a 10' plume of water with a 2nd and 3rd tier 34' in diameter
Light Kits come with 150 foot cord and are sold seperately. see below

 Call for pricing and more information
  fountains available in .33 to 3 hp