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Power House

powerhouse.jpg Power House Aerators

The Power House Aerator offers you the customer a top quality aerator at a reasonable price. After selling these aerators for several years now, we have had few complaints. With the finest engineering and manufacturing practices behind them.The Power House is built with solid bronze end bells and ABS floats. The Power House now uses an “enviromently friendly” synthetic die-electric lubricating fluid that is oiless, non-toxic, biodegradable and non-bioaccumulating. All Power House Aerators are backed with a one year warranty.

The Power House Aerator Features:
- High Oxygen Transfer Rate
- 316 Stainless Steel
- Heavy Duty ABS Float
- UL and CSA Approved
- Lightweight and Portable
- Prevents Algae
- Increases Fish Production

All models available with 150 and 200 foot cords. Add $30.00 for 150 foot cords and $60.00 for 200 foot cords.

· PH-1025025 -1/4hp, 115v, 25ft cord, 2.5 amps, 400gpm
· PH-1025050 1/4hp,115v,50ft cord, 2.5 amp 400GPM
· PH-1050050 1/2hp,115v,50ft cord, 5 amp, 885 GPM
· PH-10500100 1/2hp,115v,100ft cord, 5amp, 885gpm
· PH-10-750-50 3/4hp,115v,50ft cord 4.7amp 990gpm
· PH-10-750C-50 3/4hp,230v,50ft cord 2.5amp 990gpm
· PH-10-750-100 3/4hp,115v,100ft cord 4.7amp 990gpm
· PH-10-750C-100 3/4hp,230v,100ft cord 2.5amp 990gpm
· PH-10-1000-50 1hp,115v,50ft cord 7.0amp 1199gpm
· PH-10-1000C-50 1hp,230v,50ft cord 3.5amps 1199gpm
· PH-10-1000-100 1hp,115volt,100ft cord 7.0amps 1199gpm
· PH-10-1000C-100 1hp,230v,100ft cord 3.5amps 1199gpm
· PH-10-1003-50 1hp,220v,3ph,50ft cord 1.6amp 1199gmp
· PH-10-1003-100 1hp,220v,3ph,100ftcord 1.6amp 1199gpm
· PH-10-2003-50 2hp,220v,1ph,50ftcord 12amp 1284gpm
· PH-10-2003-100 2hp,220v,1ph,100ftcord 12amp 1284gpm
· PH-Add $30.00 for 150 foot
· PH- add $60.00 for 200 foot cords.
dualprop.jpg Power House Dual Prop
The Power House Dual Prop is another example of a great quality aerator. The dual prop offers a 25% increase in oxygen transfer.
· DP-10-752-50 3/4hp,115v,50ft 9.0amp
· DP-10-752-100 3/4hp,115v,100ft 9.0amp
· DP-10-752C-50 3/4hp, 230v, 50ft 4.5amp
· DP-10-752C-100 3/4hp, 230v, 100ft 4.5amp
· DP-10-1002-50 1hp, 115v, 50ft 11amp
· DP-10-1002-100 1hp, 115v, 100ft 11amp
· DP-10-1002C-50 1hp, 230v, 50ft 5.5amp
dp_lights.jpg Dual Prop with Lights
The Dual Prop Power House also are available with two different lighting options.Option 1 is 3 20 watt lights with colored lenses. Option 2 is 3 watt LED’s that offer changeing colors and offer nine different color patterns by the way they are plugged in. Lighting is great for nightime veiwing of your unit. Option is for 1 hp units only.
· DPL-Dual Prop Lights, for option 1, 1 hp units only.
· DPL-Dual Prop Lights, Option 2 is 3 watt LED’s that