Sweetwater Diffuser

The Sweetwater Diffuser is a high quality ceramic type diffuser that is machined from a solid block of glass bonded silica. This diffuser requires no air filter because dust and dirt particles up to 30 microns in size will pass right through.

Here’s a quality air diffuser that offers the best diffuser technology available. This diffuser has an air resistance of 0.25 psi, which makes this glass-bonded diffuser compatible with economical low-pressure blowers. It produces a uniform medium-fine bubble and is very resistant to clogging. Occasional cleaning is necessary after calcium precipitate or bacteria builds up. May be cleaned and restored to like-new performance by placing in an acid bath. Comes with a 2 year guarantee.
Sweetwater diffusers are the best choice for aquaculture, wastewater and lake aerations because of the round grain pore structure, low resistance and uniform porosity. Sweetwater designed this diffuser to produce the smallest bubble possible within the constraints of a reasonable service life. Most soft water applications will not require cleaning for more than a year.

Introduced in 1978, Sweetwater is the original 2,000 degree F glass bonded, silica diffuser. Others may look the same, but compare quality and the two year warranty against other brands.
Offers These Fine Features:

  • Custom sizes and fittings available
  • Self-weighting when used with typical tubing lengths
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Very Clog Resistant
  • Minimal Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Long-Life
(Note: Water pH in excess of 9.0 will shorten the diffuser life)
Note: Length & width dimensions are + 1/8” (3mm). Non-standard fittings are available. The suggested CFM is typical for aquaculture. Higher CFM amounts will create larger bubbles. PE is high density linear plyethylene. ABS is green plastic.

Oxygen Transfer Rates
These transfer rates are based on typical aquaculture conditions. Oxygen transfer rates may vary due to varying testing methods. These rates were measured in clean water at 20 degrees C (68 degrees F). The tests started at 1ppm and ended when D.O. reached 6.6 ppm. (The transfer rate is faster in warmer water.) Remember this general guideline when using this chart: 100 lbs (45kg) of 1/2 lb fish require .04 lbs. (18 gm) of O2 per hour.
Medium Pore Diffusers for Low Pressure Blowers
  • Body is made of 2000 degree F heat bonded silica
  • Max. Pore Size is 140 microns (.0055 inches)
  • Fitting ABS (AS 1 & 2) made of linear plyethylene or special order
  • Bubble Size is1-3 mm (mm .04-.15 inches)
  • Nominal particle retention is at 50 microns
  • Flexural strength is at 2500 psi
  • Service life is unlimited if pH is below 8.0
Diffuser Depth Air Supply O2 Transfer
12" 10' 1.0 CFM .108 49
9" 5' 0.7 CFM .038 17
9" 3' .7 CFM ..023 10
1.5" 2' .25 CFM .005 2
· Sweetwater-10-BM-1
· Sweetwater-10-BM-1-10pack
· Sweetwater-10-BM-2
· Sweetwater-10-BM-2-10pack
· Sweetwater-10-BM-3
· Sweetwater-10-BM-3-10pack
· Sweetwater 10-BMS-3
· Sweetwater 10-BMS-3-10pack
· Sweetwater 10-BM-4
· Sweetwater 10-BM-4-10pack
· Sweetwater 10-BM-5S
· Sweetwater 10-BMS-5S-10pack
· Sweetwater 10-BM-5L
· Sweetwater 10-BMS-5L-10pack
· Sweetwater 10-BMS-5
· Sweetwater 10-ABMS-5-10pack
· Sweetwater 10-LS-8S
· Sweetwater 10-LS-8S-10pack
· Sweetwater 10-BMS-8L
· Sweetwater 10-BM-8L-10pack
· Sweetwater 10-ALS-8
· Sweetwater 10-BMS-8-10pack
· Sweetwater 10-BMR-8
· Sweetwater 10-BMR-8-10pack
· Sweetwater 10-BM-15S
· Sweetwater 10-BM-15S-10pack